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After the clients had their initial concept of glamping tents refused due to bushfire requirements, they approached BDD to assist with developing and gaining approvals for a series of 5 shipping container cabins which would be utilized as tourist accommodation in a natural bush setting.

Working with the client who had some established ideas and design concepts we developed the 1- and 2-bedroom cabins. We tried to maximize the containers in key areas by providing simple pop outs, however tried to reduce expensive modifications where possible.

The containers were pre modified and cut off site, delivered and craned onto piers ready for fit out.

The design highlights the industrial nature of the containers, and they sit boldly in the landscape. The containers are enhanced with timber windows, pop out elements, deck areas and a floating roof cover that continues into a bold wall/screening element.

The containers are about maximizing views/privacy but also connection to the site and landscape. The offer a chance to experience simple living with quality, without the excess of space. Containers provide a backdrop to tiny home ideas and concepts and also serve to question our thinking of how much space we need. Living in efficient spaces with only what we need is critical in long term sustainability and reduced energy use.

The completed cabins now provide an excellent position to enjoy time away in the bush setting. The site nicely elevated on piers with reduced issues from stormwater and reduced need for retaining walls / cut fill.

The cabins provide a bold point of difference for the owners and provide a unique marketing angle for them in the Hunter Valley region.

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